Gentle Lavender Lifting Mask

Gentle Lavender Lifting Mask

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WHY MASK?  Masking has been around for ions.  Clay masks, herbal masks, and occlusive "leaf" Masks were used in ancient Egypt as far back as 30 BC.  It was the American Indians that created a leaf mask procedure for healing purposes.  Their herbal potions produced results that rival modern healing methods.  Mud and Clay masks have thrived because of their ability to absorb toxic debris, exfoliate dead skin, and deliver much needed minerals and other nutrients.  WHY MASK?  BECAUSE THEY WORK!

Let's Examine Our Aloe-Occlusive Lifting Mask

We'll break it down into two parts, the first being our unique Aloe Vera Base which acts as the trans-epidermal delivery system and the second being the "occlusive" side of the formula.  Occlusive describes a gentle adhesion to the skin that facilitates absorption and penetration.  Our HGC masks contain an herbal blend to correct and normalize, and hydrating components that lift and smooth.  The specially selected clays vacuum impurities from pores so they shrink and tighten.  The result is a fresh-looking, smooth skin surface.

  • PRIMARY BENEFITS:  Masking encourages deep cleansing, pore reduction, tightening, firming, moisturizing , and wrinkle reduction.
  • PRIMARY INGREDIENTS:  Aloe Vera, Kaoline, Bentonite, Fatter Esters, Titanium Dioxide, Jojoba Seed Oil, HA, GAG's, Calendula, Coltsfoot, Horsetail, an Butherbroom.
  • WHEN TO USE:  Mask one to two times per week and just before special events.
  • FEATURES:  Specially selected Botanical Extracts that normalize and stabilze Sensitive Skin.  They include Olive Leaf Extract (anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant qualities), Comfrey Extract (healing, soothing, and cell-proliferating abilities), Chamomile Extract (anti-inflammatory, calming, and soothing abilities), Calendula Extract (tightening, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing, and pain-relieving qualities), and Horsetail Extract (tightening, calming, and healing characteristics)
  • DIRECTIONS:  Cleanse face of makeup and daily soil.  After rinsing, pH balance with Aloe Botanical Toning Mist.  While face is still damp, apply mask with small brush or fingertips.  Spread evenly all over face avoiding eye area.  Allow 20 minutes for active organics to do their magic.  Then apply a warm wet face towel over entire face and gently wipe mask off face using upward and outward strokes.  100% cotton diapers are marvelous for cleansing away mask as well..
  • INGREDIENTS:  Other ingredients include Olive Oil, Glycerin, Vitamins E, A, and B12, Sodium PCA, Allantoin, Panthenol, Sorbitol, Xanthum Gum, and Azulene. 
  • PACKAGING:  2 oz. jar.