The Truth About Serums

The Truth About Serums

The Truth About SerumsWhy do you need to add anti-aging serums to your skin care routine? Why isn’t a moisturizer enough? I’m so glad you asked. Moisturizers and night creams do contain an array of ingredients that improve skin condition, but they also contain traditional thickeners and emollients. These are necessary to get that creamy texture. Creams can also contain sunscreens as well. All this takes up valuable ‘room’ in the product that serums use to pack in the latest superstar ingredients discovered to fight the war on aging.
Anti-aging serums won’t replace your day or night creams. Think of them as bonus ingredients designed to target specific problems. The longer you use them, the better your skin gets! Decide to get married to these beauties and you will see the signs of aging fade and skin will look younger, firmer, healthier, and brighter. And did I say younger? Oops, I did!


That’s why I created specific serums with incredible ingredients targeting the signs of aging:
DROOPY, SAGGING, THINNING SKIN needs our Collagen C Complex. Soluble collagen, vitamin C, and Swiss apple extract (stem cell technology) solves all these issues.

The Truth About SerumsCROWS FEET, UNDER EYE WRINKLES, CREPY EYELIDS need our Alpha Lipoic A&E Oil. Loaded with 5 anti-oxidants–Vitamins E, A, and D, Squalane, and Alpha Lipoic Acid, which will keep the eyes young forever!

EYE BAGS AND DARK CIRCLES need Cucumber Eye Relief. It’s loaded with numerous botanicals, cucumber, and two incredible actives that reduce edema and dark circles around the eyes.

The Truth About SerumsSHRINKING LIPS need our Protein Lip Plumper. Studies show it increases lip volume 40% and increases lip hydration even more. I love this stuff!

SUN-DAMAGED AND AGING SKIN needs our Q10 Booster. It is full of anti-oxidants like CoEnzyme Q10, MSM, and Grapeseed Extract. Use under night creams only.

BOTOX ALTERNATIVE is our Phyto-Tox Serum. It contains many actives that fight wrinkles and surface tension to smooth out facials flaws.

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