New Image Makeovers (Body Shape & Clothing Style)

Fashion Your Figure Makeover…$89.00
I’ve looked for the best tool to complete the hair and makeup makeovers that we do at Hello Gorgeous and I have found it. This is a full color ebooklet personalized to your figure. You will receive real pictures of real people, not drawings, that show you exactly what works for your figure, height, and weight. You’ll learn your best hem lenght, jacket length and style, suit and dress styles, neckline, collar shape, and much more. Finally, you can maximize your wardrobe with figure flattering styles and accessories and stop making expensive mistakes.

Also included is a one hour hair and makeup beauty coaching with Helen. She will show you the best hair style for your face shape and hair texture, and give you a makeup lesson that enhances your facial features.  Simply click here:  Personal Style Program – click here and order your personal profile now. It only takes a few minutes to answer the questions and receive this incredible information. Or you can come to Hello Gorgeous in the Village of Fairview Shopping Center and we will sign you up. The Total Image, finally!

(Not HMC Eligible)

No Exchanges or Refunds after 30 days.