How To Look Younger in Minutes

How To Look Younger in Minutes

Girls, let’s face it. When we get older, things happen and we want to know how to look younger.  And whoever said less is best was probably not a baby boomer with all those things happening.  So, yes you need to wear makeup.  Yes, even if you live on a farm and the only live thing that sees you are the cows you milk.  Does anyone really do that anymore?  I think they hook them up to machines or something.  Anyway, you get my point or maybe you don’t. This is part 1 of a 3-part series about how to look younger.

Think of makeup as clothes for your face and skincare products as the undergarments.  We’ll talk about the undergarments next time, but for now just understand that mineral makeup actually protects your skin from environmental damage from the sun, the wind, low humidity, pollutants, etc.

Like it or not, studies do show that women who wear makeup are perceived to be more trustworthy, more intelligent, and even more successful than women who do not wear cosmetics.  And because they can camouflage a multitude of sins, makeup makes you look younger.  So let me give you a few tips that can give you instant results.

Use Liquid Mineral Makeup

For older skin, I prefer liquid mineral makeup.  The minerals (zinc and titanium) reflect light, so the face looks smoother on the surface.  Liquid talc makeup absorbs light drawing attention to fine lines and wrinkles and uneven texture.  Liquid mineral makeup stays on longer and goes on more evenly than the powder version.  Your skin looks instantly younger because it covers uneven tones and spots and reflects light in wrinkled areas. See other makeup options.

Use Face Primer

Face primers can also be an instant fix if you have a serious uneven facial surface due to acne scaring or large pores.   Simply apply to problem areas and apply liquid foundation over it.  Microdermabrasion and lights peels can also treat this condition. See various primer options.

Conceal Dark Circles

Dark circles under the eyes can make anyone look older.  If your makeup is not doing the trick, then you may need additional help. I like the mineral illuminator. Its light-reflecting ability makes under eye darkness vanish instantly, making you look younger instantly!

Use Brow Makeup

Either your hair is sparse or it has lightened (or turned gray.)  Brush-on brow can fill in and add color or waterproof pencils can add shape and fill in where needed.  Brows start your face and if you don’t have any, you will look older.  Let’s get browed and look younger. See various brow makeup options.

Use Eye Makeup

Unfortunately, eyes tend to sink in as you get older and the darkness can make you look tired, sick, or older.  A light matte vanilla or cream beige over the entire eye, especially the inner corner will instantly take years off your face.  Colored eye shadow is not necessary, but mascara is.  Let’s face it. Your lashes are just not what they used to be.  Thank the Lord for mascara.  This is one of the three things I would take if I were on the TV show Survivor!  Mascara gives you instant youth, so you need to wear it. See various eye makeup options.

Add Color to Your Cheeks

Your cheeks need a little color, but it doesn’t have to be loud.  Just a soft pink, flesh, or peach brushed lightly on the apple, which is the puffy part that pops up when you smile, will give you that instant youthful glow.  Ladies, your cheeks are not at the end of your brows! Color those apples and look younger!

Add Color to Your Lips

The lips also age by shrinking and sometimes become uneven as we get older.  Lipsticks now come with plumpers for instant fullness.  To create a more even edge, use a lip liner that is slightly darker than your lipstick to add on and even things up and even hold lipstick color in.  Again, don’t go for loud.  Try to keep eyes, lips, and cheeks compatible with hair color.  See various lip color options.

These tips give you instant results, so try them if you want to look younger.  And if you don’t want to look younger, I know a great shrink that can help.  Just kidding!  Shall we at least look pleasant for the sake of others?  After all, you can’t really see what you look like, but others do.  Even those cows. Just kidding again.  Remember, mineral makeup is actually beneficial, as I said earlier.  A person who has worn makeup all their life will have less surface spotting and uneven tones than someone who hasn’t.  As long as you take all your makeup off before you go to bed, it will not clog your pores or cause them to enlarge.

The other two things I would bring if I were on the TV show Survivor or if I were stranded on an island somewhere would be hairspray and lipstick.  Obviously, I wouldn’t survive very long, but I would look good.  Just kidding!  Well, not really.

Here’s to looking younger forever.

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  1. Thank you Helen for your products and sharing your knowledge on this blog! I have been told for many years my skin looks so young and I am 57 now. I have been using Hello Gorgeous since the late 1980s. I love knowing that what I put on my skin is good for me.

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