Pamper Your Skin in McKinney, Texas

Get a clarifying facial at our beauty salon

Treat your skin right with a customized facial at Hello Gorgeous Salon & Spa. If it’s your first time in our salon, we’ll give you a discounted rate on either the European Spa Facial or the Signature Spa Facial. We use products from our exclusive skin care line, Ultra Aloe Care. All of our products are made with an aloe vera base, but we incorporate slight variations for different skin types, including:

  • Sensitive skin – Our sensitive skin formulas contain olive leaf extract and chamomile for extra vitamin E and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Dry skin – Our dry skin formulas contain calming rosewater and wrinkle-fighting antioxidants like acai and goji berries.
  • Normal and combination skin – Our standard formulas include hops, rosemary and coneflower to keep your skin balanced and hydrated.
  • Oily and problem skin – Our dry skin formulas contain extra vitamin C from citrus fruit extracts.

The skincare experts at Hello Gorgeous Salon & Spa will analyze your skin to determine the best option for you. Call 972-549-4249 to schedule an appointment in Arlington, TX, McKinney, TX or Little Falls, MN.


Be Our Guest At Member Rates for a EUROPEAN SPA FACIAL for $49.00 OR SIGNATURE SPA FACIAL for $39.00.

Purify your body with a detox wrap

Have you tried a detoxifying wrap yet? Detoxifying wraps purify your body and restore elasticity to your skin. Plus, if you have them done regularly, they can take up to 14 inches off your waist. Contact us today to learn about our other detoxifying services.


FEATURING Ultra Aloe Care Skin Products

NO: Parabens, Dyes, Sulfates, Glycols, Gluten, Phthalates, BHT, Hydantoins

Aloe Based Instead Of Water = 100% Nutrition For Your Skin

European Spa Facial (60 min) – $90.00

Relaxing – Therapeutic – Soothing

Signature Spa Facial (30 min) – $60.00

Refreshing – Invigorating

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial (60 min) – $90.00

Therapeutic – Exfoliating – Extractions

Collagen Infusion Facial (60 min) – $95.00

Anti-Aging – Hydrating – Stimulating

Non-Surgical Facelift Facial (60 min) – $125.00

Lifting – Brightening – Anti-Aging

Non-Surgical Facelift Series (8 hrs) – $500.00

Resurfacing – Lifting – Anti-Wrinkle

Oxygen Infusion Treatment (60 min) – $95.00

Hydrating – Anti-Aging – Invigorating

4-Layer Vitamin C Peel (60 min) – $125.00

Brightening – Resurfacing – Anti-Aging

Wrinkle Lifting Peel Treatment (60min) – $125.00

Smoothing – Anti-Wrinkle – Plumping

Hydroxy Acid Peel Facial (60min) – $125.00

Resurfacing – Lightening

Age Spot Lightening Facial (60min) – $90.00

Lightens – Evens Tones

Dermal Needling Treatment (60min) – $195.00

Wrinkle Reducing – Resurfacing – Tightening

Dermal Needling Package (4 hrs) – $600.00

Scar & Stretch Mark Removal – Spot & Wrinkle Removal

Microdermabrasion Facial (30min) – $75.00

Smoothing – Resurfacing

Microdermabrasion Facial (60min) – $125.00

Resurfacing – Anti-Aging – Hydrating

Relaxing Back Facial (30min) – $50.00

Steam – Mask – Moisturizing Massage

Deep Pore Cleansing Back Facial (45min) – $60.00

Hot Towels – Extractions – Treatment Mask

Relaxing Foot Facial (30min) – $40.00

Hot Towels – Mask – Body Butter Massage

Body Salt Glow (45min) – $50.00

Exfoliation – Moisturizing

Foot Detox, Detox Wraps

Ion Detox Foot Bath…$45.00

The body’s energy system is composed of meridians that connect your organs and run to the soles of the feet. The ion foot bath pulls toxins out of your system and restores your body’s optimal health, removes barriers to utilizing stored energy (fat), cleanses liver and kidneys, improves acne and skin’s appearance, balances body pH levels, and much more.

Body Contour Wrap…55min….$75.00

An all-natural wrapping process that actually detoxifies the tissues while producing an inch loss of up to 14 INCHES! Restores elasticity to loose and sagging skin, helps diminish cellulite, and contours problem areas of the body. For best results a series of 4 to 5 are recommended and are only $65.00 each in a package!

Healthy Balance Package…$240.00

Series of six Ion Detox Foot Baths which is a savings of $30.00

Infrared Detox Therapy…25min….$30.00, 45min….$40.00

The body creates a fever in an attempt to destroy invading organisms and to sweat impurities out through the skin. Infrared Therapy sends invisible infrared rays through the skin to raise core body temperature which initiates the sweating and detox state. (For detox treatment its best not to eat 2 hours before your sauna treatment and drink 32oz. of filtered water with lemon for electrolytes. Add Magnesium to your vitamin regimen to bind to heavy metals as you detox.)

Infrared Cellulite Therapy…50min….$65.00

Not only will hyper thermic treatments improve immune function, it will also speed up metabolic processes resulting in a 250 to 600 calorie loss per session. This is known a lipolysis. To further help eliminate the appearance of cellulite, special serums are applied to problem areas.

Ozone Clarifying Therapy…20min….$35.00 Add Infrared…$15.00

Oxytherapy eliminates anaerobic viruses and bacteria, cleans and detoxifies, brings mental clarity, clears veins and arteries improving circulation. It’s safe and has no toxic side effects. Get in the zone, ozone.