You’ve heard the saying An apple a day keeps the doctor away!   Well I have a new one to remember to help you look younger:  An apple a day keeps the wrinkles away!

Apples have long been a staple, but before refrigeration only apples that had the ability to stay fresh for a long time were cultivated.  In the middle of the 18th century in a rural area of Switzerland the Uttwiler Spatlauber apple was discovered to have this most sought after characteristic.  Because it was so tart in taste, no one would pick them though.  Even when the tree was dying, the apples were hanging on and when finally picked their tasty cousins swiveled as they lasted months longer.

Botanical stem cell therapy from the Swiss Apple Extract translates into fewer wrinkles, improved collagen levels, repaired DNA, and rejuvenated skin.  Based on this cell therapy and much research, Hello Gorgeous Cosmetics developed a Collagen C Complex that increases collagen, reverses skin thinning, reduces wrinkles, and tightens sagging skin.  Vitamin C is a key component since it vital to collagen synthesis, but it breaks down over time.  Vitamin C also inhibits hyperpigmentation.   Since your dermis is made of 90% collagen, Soluble Marine Collagen helps restore the skin’s elasticity and increase collagen density.

The Collagen C Complex also has ingredients that stimulate Hyaluronic Acid, which is the cellular fluid which holds moisture, and Lanimin-5 synthesis (elastin fibers).  Clinical results are amazing, reducing wrinkle depth up to 60%, reducing wrinkle density 58% to 99%, and producing skin tightening up to 68%.

Research Behind This Product Which Helps You Look Younger

The following is more technical stuff to show how much research was put into my Collagen C Complex.

Cosmetic chemists and scientists wondered what would happen if an extract of genetically long-lived plant stem cell tissue was applied to human skin and the rest is history.  Now anytime you mention stem cell therapy, things get a little heated, but the fact is that stem cells are found in all multicellular organisms, including plants.

There are two kinds of cells in the human body.  Specialized cells called differentiated which have a specific purpose and stem cells which are blank.  These cells have not been programmed so your body can essentially “format” them any way it pleases.  These stem cells have the ability to replenish through a self-renewal process and the ability to produce a differentiated cell.  Cosmetic chemists have begun to apply the same science used in the controversial regenerative medicine stem cell therapy, but with plant stem cells instead of human.

JACKPOT!  Botanical stem cell therapy is born.  Once they are introduced to a specific cell type, they differentiate or take on the nature of the specific host tissue and begin to rebuild and renew.  When introduced to fibroblasts cells (that manufacture collagen), they are capable of stimulating fresh skin cells to replace dead or dying skin.

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