The Color Me Thin Diet and Weight Loss Tips

The Color Me Thin Diet and Weight Loss Tips

Lose WeightAlmost everyone wants to lose weight, including me.  So, I have come up with a revolutionary way to do it called Color Me Thin Diet and Weight Loss Tips.  Now, let me explain.  When you look at the food on your plate, what colors do you see?  Is it mostly white and brown? If so, you probably have extra inches in your butt and your tummy that you don’t need.  So, I’m going to tell you how to fill your plate full of the right colors and Color Yourself Thin. 


 You should eat more primary and secondary colors than you do neutrals.  So, eat more reds, yellows, greens, etc. than white, beige, and brown. When you look at your plate and all you see is neutral colors, then that food is being stored on your belly, thighs, hips, and butt.  Unless you run 3 hours a day or dance Zumba 2 hours a day, you are going to get fat if you eat this way.  It’s so easy.  The food on your plate should be 1/4 neutral colors (beige, white, and brown) and 3/4 primary and secondary colors (green, yellow, purple, orange, red, etc.).


Healthy Eating TipsBasically, try to avoid artificial chemicals in your food sources as much as possible. Certain vegetables and fruits should only be organic.  Learn what the Dirty Dozen foods are each year. I always give you the list in one of my newsletters. They are really common sense choices, such as lettuces, grapes, berries, onions, tomatoes, leafy greens, etc.   Foods with a shell or thick skin that you peel to eat do not necessarily have to be organic.  Look for foods that are non-GMO and grown by sustainable methods.


 Health EatingNo matter what color it is, if God didn’t make it, don’t eat it.  Some examples include any butter substitute, hydrogenated oils, or drinks made with artificial colors and flavors.



 Unless the white you are eating is an egg white or it lays eggs (chicken, turkey, or fish), you shouldn’t eat it.  As for drinking white beverages, remember milk is for baby cows to help them gain 600 pounds their first year of life.  Milk and milk products should be used in sauces or as condiments, not as a main source of beverage or portion of the meal.  Almond, rice, or flax milk products (without added sugars) are excellent substitutes. There are some exceptions to the white rule.  White vegetables, such as cauliflower, turnips, and artichokes, should be counted on the color side of your plate.


  •  White flour (and most other wheat flours)  
  • White sugar and sugar substitutes
  • White potatoes
  • White rice
  • White breads or pastries
  • White pasta
  • White salt (use pink Himalayan salt)
  • White pork (supposedly the other white meat. Because of its DNA, humans can’t fully digest this source of protein.)
  • White soy milk (and all soy products)


 Beef, deer, buffalo, etc. are good sources of protein, but they are brown when cooked.  Beans and peas are also great sources of protein and brown when they are cooked. 

 Nuts are brown and are another good source of protein, but obviously, they should not fill your plate.  Since they are difficult to digest, eat only a handful at a time.

 It’s important to remember that only about 1/4 of a plate of food should be brown.


Lose Wieght

 Foods that are green, red, purple, yellow, gold and orange should fill 3/4 of your plate.  Leafy vegetables, root vegetables, green peas and string beans, cruciferous vegetables, fruits, etc. should fill 75% of your plate every time you eat, with no exceptions.  Yes, you need to add more color to your breakfast!!    


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