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A 5 Second Secret to Get a Perfect Waistline Fit

A 5 Second Secret to Get a Perfect Waistline Fit

Hello Gorgeous Body WrapsIsn’t it wonderful that women come in all shapes and sizes? Unfortunately clothing manufacturers seem to design for the “average” woman…and we all know she’s as real as a unicorn!  And, this fit problem seems the worst with jeans and pants.  Often, the bottoms that fit your legs and hips perfectly leave an unsightly “gap” at your waist.  Well, we’ve got a solution that will have you looking sleek and fitted from waist to ankle!

The clever fashionistas at Hollywood Fashion Secrets decided to take matters into their own hands to make sure that every pair of pants fits as flawlessly as it should – and with that, the Hollywood Hip Hugger was born! This simple little elastic strap with clips on either end simply snaps onto your pants to pull and smooth them into shape. It’s the perfect solution for when you want to avoid bulky belts, bunching fabric, or those gaps at the back of your jeans that give the world a look at what’s under your outerwear. And as an extra bonus, they’ll give your booty a lift!

No need to call the tailor for an expensive fix, no need to wag your finger at those stubborn skinnies that used to gap at the waist – in just a few seconds, your fit fiasco will be a permanent thing of the past! (From Hollywood Fashion Secrets Blog)

Dirty Dozen Produce

Dirty Dozen Produce

THE 2014 DIRTY DOZEN LIST The Environmental Working Group just released its’ latest shoppers guide to pesticides sold in America. Apples took the top spot again and new to the list is imported Snap Peas. Take this list to the grocery store, and don’t buy them unless they are organic. And for all you Walmart… Continue Reading

Ask Yourself

Knowing the reasons behind even your hurried clothing choices will lead to interesting discoveries about your personality. Clothes signal all kinds of information about the roles you play, your status, attitudes, self-esteem and personality to name just a few things. You may think you simply put on the first thing that comes to hand in… Continue Reading

Turkey Kale Stir fry!!!

Made one of my favorite dishes last night. So easy: Brown l lb. of ground turkey with a little Grapeseed Oil in large skillet. Add Cumin, Coriander, McCormicks Greek Seasoning, Himalayan Salt, and Turmeric. After browned push to the perimeter of the pan and brown purple onion and red bell pepper. Add 1/2 cup of… Continue Reading


Beauty is a quality that you first see because it attracts. The beholder’s eyes are drawn to it just like a moth is attracted to a light floating in a sea of darkness. Beauty is also a quality you feel when you are in its’ presence as it attracts you to its glow like a… Continue Reading

Beauty Bundles

Remember to coordinate all your colors so they don’t fight each other.  Your hair, makeup, and clothes should work synergistic-ally together to present a pleasing compatible color pallet.  So if your hair is red, don’t wear a fuchsia blouse and orange lipstick.  Try a peach blouse instead.  Wear all warm or all cool.  If not,… Continue Reading

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