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When You Organize a Closet, Think Color

When You Organize a Closet, Think Color

Organize a closetA tip to help you organize a closet is to focus on color. Do you ever walk into your closet that is filled with clothes and say, I just don’t have a thing to wear? As the words are coming out of your mouth, your brain is conflicted because it sees lots of clothes hanging all over the place.  What’s the problem?  The problem is that you need to organize your closet in a way that helps you easily put outfits together.

This year I am Coloring Your World.   Last month, I introduced you to the Color Me Thin Diet and now I’m going to explain how to Color Your Closet.  This technique helps you organize a closet better, which make putting outfits together faster and easier.  Follow the tips below to help you colorize your closet and I promise you will know where everything is and finding outfits will be a snap.Get Rid of Unused and Unwanted Clothes

The first thing you need to do is be realistic.  There are some clothes in your closet you haven’t worn in years.  If these are expensive items or trendy pieces that will probably be back in a few seasons, store them in containers for future use.  If they are simply not your style any longer, they don’t fit, you hate the color now, or whatever reason that you have for probably never wearing them, you need to donate them to a local shelter.  If you love them, but they need mending or altering, put them in another box and take them to your tailor immediately.

Group Every Piece by Color

Next, you need to group every piece by color.  Hopefully, you have had a color consultation and you have a closet full of your most flattering colors.   Group everything together, including scarves, blouses, pants, suits, etc.  Place the neutrals, such as black, white, beige, and brown on one side of closet or close together.  Then add all other colors on the other side or close together.

Put All Color Groups in Order Based on Clothing Type

After you have all your colors grouped together, place them in a particular order according to clothing type.  Start each group off with jackets and long sleeve cardigans.  Dresses are next, followed by skirts.  Pants are next in your color grouping.  Scarves folded over pants hangers are next.  Tanks, sleeveless blouses, cap sleeves, and finally long-sleeve blouses and sweaters end your color group.  This line up allows each group to be anchored by long sleeves, while smaller items rest in the middle and are easy to find.

Organize Shoes Based on Color

Get your shoes off the floor.  The Container Store has lots of ideas, but I like the two or three tier system to stack shoes and boots.  Place them in color groups together. I bet you don’t know how many black shoes you have.  Place purses, belts, hats and other accessories according to color on shelves above clothes in clear plastic boxes. This makes it easy to find what you are looking for to complete your outfit.

Voilà!  Now you can see exactly what you have in each color group.  It’s so easy to grab a pair of black pants, a black and white checked blazer, a red blouse, and a black, yellow, or red scarf to finish the look.  This time, you won’t have to hunt for those black shoes. You’ll know exactly where they are.

Create Clothes Capsules and Take Photos of Them

Start putting clothes capsules together.  Take a blazer or simple sheathe dress and make at least six or seven different outfits with other pieces.  Check out my blog for those instructions.  Take pictures of these outfits and put them on a bulletin board in your closet.  Make a list of things that you need to complete outfits, like scarves or blouses.  Soon, you will have a great shopping list.  To save money, it’s best to shop at the end of the season to find great bargains.

After following these steps, you should easily find ten new outfits by mixing and matching with accessories and shoes. You will probably have at least ten more possible outfits that just need a single item to complete the package.  Take lots of pictures to save you time when you are in a hurry because you got up late or you have a hot new date!

When you buy new pieces, it’s a good idea to take a picture of all the outfits you can make with them as well.  When you see great ideas in magazines, clip them and add them to your closet clothes board.  Your new clothes board will soon be full of outfit pictures, magazine inspirations, got-to-have shopping lists, and need-to-do lists.  You have now colorized your closet and you will never say I just don’t have anything to wear again!!!

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