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How To Look Younger In Minutes Part 3

How To Look Younger In Minutes Part 3

I hope you have been following my blogs about how to look younger in minutes.  We started out with the importance of skin care.  If you don’t believe in it, just do half your face with Hello Gorgeous Cosmetics creams, serums, and exfoliates for a week.  Afterwards, you will be a believer.  Next, I said makeup is important.  I once heard a preacher say “If the barn needs painting, then paint it!”  I used to hate that, but he’s right.  A little makeup can cover a multitude of sins (flaws) on our face.

Next, let me give you a few wardrobe tips on how to look younger. Now, I’m not trying to turn 50-year-old women into teenagers. These are just a few general tips that can actually help you no matter the age.  As we all know, stuff happens when you age.  Things start sagging, drooping, bulging, and wiggling.   Well, it’s best to keep all that under wraps, so to speak. Here are tips on how to look younger in minutes:


Let me clarify that.  If your figure is less than perfect, stay away from clinging knits unless you layer them.  There is no need to show the lumps and bumps in the back or the extra stomach rolls in the front because that makes you look older.  Keep all that covered.  The magic third wardrobe piece is the solution.  Wear loose sweaters, jackets, top shirts, shrugs, wraps, etc.  I also suggest that you invest in Spank or undergarments that are similar to Spanks.


Let me clarify that, too.  Tights are great, but if your legs are overweight or your legs are lumpy, wear tights and leggings covered to the knees or mid-calf.  Leggings are a great younger look, but let’s keep them covered to mid thighs for you skinny girls.


If you want to look younger, keep your upper arms covered.  If they have that hangy, downy stuff that wiggles when you hold your arm out and shake it, you need to keep it under wraps.  If you can’t find sleeves that stop at the elbow or three quarter length sleeves, buy blouses with long sleeves and have them altered.  It’s so easy to do or you can have a tailor or seamstress do it for you.


To look younger, try mixing up those suits and other matching outfits with other pieces in your wardrobe. Accessorize with accent colors.


Yes, wearing the right colors can make you look younger because it complements your undertones making the skins surface look smoother.  The wrong colors will amplify surface flaws because it suppresses your natural undertones making surface imperfections look more pronounced. Focus on the red family.  You are either a Blue Red person or a Yellow Red person.  A Blue Red person wears cranberry, burgundy, hot pink, mauve, pink, fuchsia, and rose.  A Yellow Red person wears peach, salmon, orange, rust, warm reds, and coral.


Pants with skinny legs can make you look older if you are pear shaped.  What is that?  That describes someone who carries all their weight in their hips and thighs.  To look younger, wear straight or boot cut pants only.

Hello Gorgeous Salon and Spa is dedicated to making clients be the best they can be, which is gorgeous.  We address all aspects of health and beauty.  Our skincare products are food for your skin and our makeup reveals skin’s natural radiance. God provides the ingredients and we simply mix them together for you. We also provide fabulous haircuts and spa services that accentuate your beauty.

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