Anti Aging Serum

Anti Aging Serums
ANTI-AGING SOLUTIONS FROM HELEN AND HELLO GORGEOUS COSMETICS……. As we age so many things happen. Our skeletal frame actually shrinks including our skull. That’s why its so important to eat your green leafy vegetables (loaded with calcium), quit drinking cola’s (loaded with chemicals that actually suck calcium out of your bones), and take calcium/mineral supplements.  You see, in order to keep your face, you need your skull. That’s sounds a little dramatic, but that’s the foundation that your facial skin is draped across.
Having said that, lets look at what happens to your skin. Every 28 days new skin cells make their way to the surface of your skin. For anti-aging purposes your goal is to provide ingredients that will nourish cellular formation, anti-oxidants that prevent oxidative deterioration, and humectants that rehydrate dehydrated cells. Preserving the collagen-elastin network which makes up 70% of your connective tissue is imperative. When soluble collagen (which is flexible) turns insoluble (becomes rigid) wrinkles set in. That is what aging is all about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HELLO GORGEOUS COSMETICS has created serums that address the effects of aging like: Shrinking Lips, Eye Bags, Sagging Skin, Crows Feet, Sun Damage, Dark Circles, Facial Wrinkles, Inflammation, Dehydrated Lipid Barrier, Forehead Furrows, Under-eye Crinkling, and so on!!!

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