About Helen Gibson-Nicholas

Helen Gibson-Nicholas is a Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, and Personal Image Coach. She began her health and beauty career in Plano, Texas with Hello Gorgeous Makeovers, Inc in 1985. Shortly thereafter, she founded Hello Gorgeous Cosmetics, Inc. for the purpose of formulating skin care without synthetic chemicals and harmful preservatives. She used recycled materials for containers, did not test on animals, and refused to put products in boxes to save more trees. Helen was green before green was in.

During her research, she realized Aloe Vera was a great “vehicle” to deliver nutrients into the dermis where skin cells are formed. Aloe Vera alone has over 200 vitamins, minerals, plant sugars, amino acids and enzymes that stimulate collagen production up to 8 times according to research done at the University of Texas. Using Aloe Vera as the foundation (instead of water) of her skin care and adding the latest natural skin enhancing discoveries, she has formulated a unique skin care system called ULTRA ALOE CARE.

Her Hello Gorgeous salon was often sited in the Plano Star Courier and the Plano Profile. She produced a radio show on KVTT 91.7 FM for women Saturday mornings for 6 years. After moving back to Shreveport, she opened a cosmetic store and two spas. HG was voted Top Ten Business of the year in 2002 and won Best Spa numerous times. Her radio show “Health and Beauty Talk” aired for 8 years where she became known as the health and beauty “babe.” Helen writes numerous articles, is a gifted speaker, and has personally done over 10,000 makeovers on Hello Gorgeous clients.

Now back in the DFW area at the age of 61, she is starting an internet business for product distribution on wholesale and retail levels and licensing the salon name of Hello Gorgeous. Helen tells us: “ULTRA ALOE CARE is such incredible skin care, I want to get it into as many hands as possible and get back on the radio with healthy living tips again. I hope you like our new web-site and will sign up for our new beauty bulletin called the HEALTH and BEAUTY TALK.”

In 2010 Helen opened a new boutique-type makeover salon and cosmetic store that specializes in personalized attention and friendship building with each client in the Village at Fairview. Through true, caring relationships, we help everyone realize their unique and special potential. Services include makeup lessons, special occasion makeovers, facials, waxing, microdermabrasion, anti-aging treatments, spray tanning, full hair services, and wellness services. The store sells a full line of cosmetics, skin care and spa gifts. Truly a place where you can find your “gorgeous potential.”

Helen works with the Samaritan Inn in McKinney, Texas and her church providing free makeovers for women needing assistance during difficult times to help them transition back into the work place.